Our Story

In the fall of 2010 Bill Woodworth received a notice that his son’s middle school would be closing immediately after classes that upcoming Friday and would remain closed throughout the weekend. There would be no extra-curricular activities. Apparently, the lockers needed to be sprayed with a lubricant considered dangerous and unhealthy by government authorities. The school would need be closed for a mandated minimum of 48 hours for ventilation. There would be NO activities taking place, even though most of his son’s sporting activities had always been at the school. That meant NO soccer, NO baseball, NO tennis, NO football, or any other fun activities. The following day Bill met with his business partner Adam Stolpen for coffee and had a good laugh over closing the school for locker spraying.  By their second cup of coffee they had concluded there was a need for a safe lubricating and penetrating solution. The two of them being tinkerers, as well as entrepreneurs, were certain that they could come up with the solution for the 21st century.

Nexus Green creators Adam Stolen and Bill Woodworth spent the next five years perfecting that better solution: our non-toxic, sustainable and VOC free product, so that schools, commercial buildings and other public places would never have to close again for something as mundane as lubricating lockers, hinges or other  maintenance. Adam and Bill wanted to design a lubricant that would work better than any other formula on the market without being dangerous to be around, and they did! You will find it more empowering to do odd jobs around the house or on the job when you know the solution is safe (and easy) to use! On top of it all, it just works better than any of our competitors.  It has over 1,000 uses and we’re still counting..…and yes, you can use it for that too.

About the Founders

COO – Bill Woodworth

Bill has 30 years of experience working in the private and public sectors. He has a general management background with strong operational experience in ventures he has successfully developed, launched, managed and sold. While a student at Tulane University Bill founded Kalamazoo Property Partners, acquiring over 500 housing units in 4 states, and Michigan General Management to oversee the properties. He created Lancaster Development to acquire and package residential real estate projects and the insurance brokerage firm Great Lakes Risk Management, which was recently sold. Bill was President of New York City's oldest continually operating residential realty firms, the William B. May Real Estate Corporation, which grossed over $300m in sales on his watch. In 2006 he founded New York Private Realty Group. Bill served in the public sector as Administrator of Southern MI Head Start. He also developed his airplane hobby into Aero Innovations, Inc., a manufacturer of General Aviation, Custom, Modifications, and sportsmen class aircraft.

CEO – Adam Stolpen

Adam offers decades of experience as an attorney and entrepreneur launching and managing opportunities across a broad range of businesses. With extensive Federal experience as Legislative Counsel in the United States Senate and House of Representatives, he worked as both a professional advocate and representative for numerous business interests. A Georgetown University Law School graduate, Adam was the youngest Director of Governmental Affairs of a Fortune 500 Company. As business owner and creator he has been responsible for concept branding, executive team development, corporate financing, general management and design of business strategies for both consumer and online markets. He has been a founder and principal in broad range of domestic and international startup companies.

Both Adam and Bill like to work around their houses and believe there are few jobs a guy or gal can’t handle with a screwdriver, a roll of tape and a bottle of Nexus Green.